Tuesday, April 1, 2014

IF Updates

Today I moved everything from my "if" folder on my personal webserver running in my living room over to my Amazon Web Services instance. My main homepage @ http://home.roadrunner.com/~fragmeister/ has not changed, and all IF-related links there are now routed to the new host. Any old links to any of my old interactive fiction titles with retroshard.no-ip.org in the URL are now broken.

During this process, I added some new material as well. You can now view the source code to Lunar Base 1 on the website. Blackness has also been added along with its source code and a "making of" section that shows my notebook scribblings as I planned out what I would code within the 3-hour time limit of EctoComp 2013.

No Spring Thing entry for me this year. Currently focusing on getting a beta test / teaser of sorts for the North Korean game originally announced here over a year ago. It is being written in Hugo and is using the current version of Roodylib.