Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Webpage Redesign

Today I started a redesign of my site. I created a Blogger account, and with a few scripts I now have a HTML feed of anything I blog ending up at my homepage provided by my ISP. This will make updating both easier and faster.

For now, I will continue to update the Retro Shard section by manually typing up the HTML code. I have also removed my old forums. The free board provider that I previously used just continued to get worse, plus barely anyone but myself was posting to it. In the future, if Retro Shard ends up with a lot of active players, I will create a new and better forum which will only be for that. Integrating the Blogger account with this page removes the need to have a forum for my other projects, as people can leave feedback now on anything I post.

I founded the Lab of Jizaboz website in 1999, serving as an online portfolio for my personal interests and projects. I hope to keep updating it for many more years to come, and I am always thankful to everyone who has had interest my work.

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